Saturday, November 16, 2013

I wonder...

what the Drosselmeyer house was like the rest of the year? In every production of The Nutcracker I've ever seen, I cannot picture it in any thing other than a perpetual state of "Christmasness."

The Hour Still Starts With 3, Yet the Sun Doth Kiss the Horizon

This is verily screwing with my internal clock...and I think I got a sunburn from sitting in the same spot. That's one reason to be happy the sun's gone down.

Fear and (self) loathing in Las Cruces...

It's been...bumpy.

A mass of text hath passed mine eyes and to much dismay, little if any has stuck.

I was called in to my adviser after my professor emailed her. I severely underperformed on a paper proposal, handing in five pages of outline and bibliography, when, as it turns out, he wanted a short version of the actual paper. It was (ludicrously) graded, and I was given a provisional "D". He's expecting a rewrite, well, the TA is expecting a rewrite.

After another will-call mishap, and needing time to focus on my two papers, I'm taking a couple weeks off from work. At a point, it's just too much and these are too important, I think I had forgotten that a little bit. No matter what the denoument of the semester is, whether I get the money to stay, have to return to Tampa because I don't, or take of...I need to have a decent GPA coming out of this semester not matter what happens.