Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Chem Aced!

  Grades are in and I'm on top again.  Aced Chem and Society. Wooooo!

 GPA Update: 3.692


So I am majorly geeking out right now, I attended the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire live audition this morning, AND PASSED THE TEST SESSION!

  We were told before tests were graded that if we passed we'd receive a postcard either way, if we were selected for the contestant pool or not. They came back in with the results and called us out by test number,  They had us do a personality questionnaire, waivers, and then had us interview with a producer.  I think I did really well with that.  I don't think I talked too fast. I was purposely trying to slow down...and I didn't talk over the producer very much like I tend to do when I'm nervous.  :D 

  So now I've got the whole day...I think I might go to the beach.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wrapping Up The Summer - Part Two: Looking Ahead

  During today's final, I felt oddly at peace as I paced through the 50 questions.  Many of the answers came easily, much different from my last test, in which I sat aimlessly hoping for solutions to spring from some remote indistinct and dank corner of my subconscious.  Who knew that when you study and get your mind off stupid insignificant %@#%, you can actually do more than give your self a massive headache at test time?

  So that's it, no work left to be done, just waiting for grades.  Luckily, I'm plenty occupied with pre-season catalog and package sales at work, and club position duties, extracurriculars, and, oh yeah, the first stirrings on completing my transfer applications. 

  As for fall, I feel like this is going to be a quick few weeks off, with the number of books assigned for the semester. The book list for fall includes:

  • Early American History (Honors)
    • 1-ATTITUDES TOWARD SEX IN ANTEBELLUM AM. - Horowitz  ISBN:9780312412265
    • 2-DEFENDING SLAVERY - Finkelman ISBN: 9780312133276
    • 3-DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA - Detocqueville ISBN 9780312463304
    • 4-ENVISIONING AMERICA - Mancall , ISBN 9780312096700
    • 5-GREAT AWAKENING - Kidd, ISBN 9780312452254
    • 6-JOHN BROWN'S RAID ON HARPERS FERRY - Earle, ISBN 9780312392802
  • Marine Biology (Honors)
    • 7-MARINE BIOLOGY - Castro, ISBN 9780073524160
  • Marine Biology Lab (Honors)
    • 8-ECOLOGY OF TAMPA BAY: A USER'S GUIDE - Ehringer, ISBN 2818450011020
  • Acting II TPP-1111-15076
    • 9-ACTING ONE/ACTING TWO - Cohen, ISBN 9780073288543 (Already own :D )
  • Performance Workshop TPA-1290-15073
    • No Listing (...yet)
  In other news, my birthday's just a couple months out, and I was thinking of some self gifting.  I think I finally want to get that bracelet tat I've been wanting for ages.  As I wrote to my grandmother after telling her about the great idea, "The song is "Question Existing" by Rihanna, who wouldn't generally be the first artist I'd consider scribing on to my skin, but the questions are timeless to me.  I can't ever see myself regretting these or being embarrassed to show them to my grandchildren."

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So, I checked my school email for the first time in a few days, and got floored this morning:

From :     Jack Clark
To :     Ami Fazchas

Hello Ami - hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Are you still interested in forming a theatre club? If so, would you be willing to be the first president?
I will be getting "all ducks in a row" for the club before Fall commences, and will send you the application form to sign if you are willing to be "the chosen one" for the Fall term.

Please let me know.

I have no idea what wrenches this throws into, the Arete/Honors stuff, the Hoffman/P:SS volunteer stuff, the actuall school/classwork stuff, or the work stuff; all I know is that my gut is screaming: "YESSSSSSSS!  TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!"

Oh man.  I'm gonna take this opportunity to update the fall "Whats on Deck":
Fall '11
☐ - Honors Early American History (Social Sciences Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Honors Marine Biology with Lab (Natural Sciences Elective Req. - 4 Hours)
☐ - Acting II (Dramatic Arts Elective Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Performance Workshop (Dramatic Arts Elective - 3 Hours)
☐- 15-30 hours a week @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
+☐- Arete Marketing Chair Work/Meetings/Volunteer work
+☐- Ybor Thespians Society Presidential Duties?
+☐- Volunteer work with Project:Shattered Silence?
+☐- Harvard National Model United Nations participation?
☐- Independent study of Elementary Korean

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wrapping Up The Summer

So I'm almost there, Monday is my final for Chem and Society. After ten weeks, I'm sure it wasn't the most informative class I've ever taken, but I think I may muddle out a low "A". I know I should be happy with that, but that kind of attitude leads to bad places. I should be concerned with what I've actually learned. All the effort in the world means bubkus if I've taken away nothing useful.

This is the essay we had to write.  A relativity small one this time, it was only three pages.  I got unexpected funny looks when I mentioned citations.  Apparently, no one else bothered going that in-depth.  :\  Hooray, for overachieving.  Click below to read it in full.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dean's List

  Considering I haven't been on anything resembling an honor roll since I was learning to add and subtract, this is kind of a big deal for me.  I choked up when I read it.  And now to celebrate, with a little cut loose, poignant sentiment, Niki Minaj ladies and gentlemen:

I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life
Cuz in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive