Thursday, October 28, 2010

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I am broken.
All in, beat, bleary, bone-weary, bushed, crippled, dead tired, dead, debilitated, disabled, dog-tired, done for, done in, drained, effete, enervated, frazzled, had it, kaput, limp, out on one's feet, outta gas, prostrated, ready to drop, run-down, sapped, shot, spent, tired out, wasted, weak, weakened, wearied, worn, and worn out.

My body is reacting, making things overdue, making me worried.  They tell me to reduce stress, relax. Chemistry confirms I have nothing to fret about, but I do nonetheless.  I look up procedures, medications, the price of which I taken aback by.  My boyfriend finds the info still displayed brightly, after another all-nighter, me curled up on the living room floor next to it, in another world. Too much, too much to do.  Conflict paper, conflict with papers, and headaches. Sinus headaches combined tension headaches.  Nausea from an empty stomach and post-nasal much more than you needed to know.  My brain has cut me off.  I can report, blithely, what I see. I can't smile.

I've slipped up. She's noticed and I handled it gracefully. "Not an excuse, but an explanation, perhaps." "Indeed." I don't want it anymore.  I don't want to give in this easily either, though. Fierce, Fierce indigestion. I have so much farther to go.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hitting an insomniatic stride...

The days are starting to slip together.  Sunday to Wednesday seem to be made of seconds.  All the time I answer my own question of intent, somewhat quixotically.  All the time my mind is parsed with the trivialities of comma usage, proper insertion of new PowerPoint slides, the plight of Afghan women, the purpose of Access2007, and the reasoning behind the supposition that Connie is reflection of the fly symbol in that one short story

Did I do my study sheet?

I'll have to grab it in the morning and also read "A Good Man Is Hard To Find."  I'm brinking exhaustion, like a mentally overweight person attempting a marathon.  More than one time, the frank question of "What the hell am I doing this for?", has crossed my mind.  Was that comma after the quotation mark correct?  Then I just look at this:
Some how, I find another ounce of strength.
For Columbia,
For New York,
For me...

Spring schedule advising appointment assigned for the 29th, 2PM.  Here's to the luck of the draw and to wish lists.
1) MeadBuilder Research Paper Edition
2) Boots (TBD)
3) Brush Cleaner
4) Box spring, Queen size
5) More Sleep
6) This Hoodie:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Sugar Free Rockstars = $3.00, Lit. Text Book = $97.00,...

Pulling an all-nighter in order to churn out five unimaginative paragraphs on a Joyce Carol Oates' most famous short story = possibly damaging.

Finding out the paper wasn't due when you got to class the next morning...priceless.
Source: "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" (1970)

Thesis: The character of Connie, reflects the symbolism of flies mentioned many times through out the story.

Some interesting notes:
Arnold Friend=Dander(anger,wrath) if lorn(alone, solitary)

Ami Lei Fazchas = Calif. hazes aim.
Ami Lei Fazchas Barkley = Amazes bay hailer flick OR Amazes bay, Chili faker

“Quoting One Is Plagiarism; Quoting Many Is Research.” - Unknown

  Well, the count down begins.  I've been assigned my first real research paper.  Fortunately, the professor has a very structured process, with milestones that must be completed as part of the project whole.  The due date is November 18th with various deadlines for said milestones.
  The primary source is Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns.  


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Busy...

*Ups daily dosage of B-12*

*Gets a new shirt and jeans from Fashion Bug*

*Skims Bloom's "The Western Canon"*

*Puts down Bloom, picks up Richard III*

*Repeats in alternating fashion.*

Honors orientation on Thursday. :) Worried about shmoozing skills.
Howl-o-Scream Orientation moved to the 30th,+ approved by REH manager.