Saturday, November 16, 2013

I wonder...

what the Drosselmeyer house was like the rest of the year? In every production of The Nutcracker I've ever seen, I cannot picture it in any thing other than a perpetual state of "Christmasness."

The Hour Still Starts With 3, Yet the Sun Doth Kiss the Horizon

This is verily screwing with my internal clock...and I think I got a sunburn from sitting in the same spot. That's one reason to be happy the sun's gone down.

Fear and (self) loathing in Las Cruces...

It's been...bumpy.

A mass of text hath passed mine eyes and to much dismay, little if any has stuck.

I was called in to my adviser after my professor emailed her. I severely underperformed on a paper proposal, handing in five pages of outline and bibliography, when, as it turns out, he wanted a short version of the actual paper. It was (ludicrously) graded, and I was given a provisional "D". He's expecting a rewrite, well, the TA is expecting a rewrite.

After another will-call mishap, and needing time to focus on my two papers, I'm taking a couple weeks off from work. At a point, it's just too much and these are too important, I think I had forgotten that a little bit. No matter what the denoument of the semester is, whether I get the money to stay, have to return to Tampa because I don't, or take of...I need to have a decent GPA coming out of this semester not matter what happens.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I passed!

One class down, four to go.  Hey, Hey! Look over there >

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Waiting...waiting...waiting...and with a surprising lack of change...more waiting...

So we got our Western Theatre papers back this morning...
Finally some hint at academic validation, my first real paper grade at Columbia...

W.B. handed it to me...lot's of comments...oo... Why did I leave that in?  I don't remember leaving that in. Not anachronistic, achronistic... ACHRONISTIC! damn auto correct. *le sigh* "Good Connection, but... *le sigh some more*  The TA is commenting a lot, W.B. isn't...why isn't he commenting? is a Marx reference not obvious enough? How is the Locke reference not obvious enough? Everybody knows those theories. "Don't assume your reader knows anything."  But assume we do, eh? Ha. That wasn't that funny. Well...nah not that funny. Your citations are funny. Funny bad, not funny haha. Are citations ever funny haha?  Get to last page.

No grade.

Flip over. No grade. Class and Prof. long gone...
What's going on?
Where's my grade?



Dear God...
I was really tired. It was finished during an all-nighter, and every other sundry excuse ever used, by everyone, ever.

Was it that horrible? No, no-no. I mean he's not above just putting an F on a paper, right? Christ. Does he want me to rewrite? I'd love a rewrite.

*le sigh*

Emailed prof + TA. Waiting...patiently.

Oh, hey...look at that. This is my 100th post.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


So, I have started a go fund me account for help with my tuition this semester.
I'm happy to say I got my first donation! An anonymous donor chipped in $1000!
I'm kind of in shock. I can't believe it....I'm stunned.

If you want to find out why I"m asking for money or would like to donate, visit:
Oh hey, look, I'm at 13%!

or click the gofundme donate button in the upper right corner.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Worklist week of 10/7

  1. Read/Annotate for Response: Ibn Hisham (d. 833), “Muhammad’s Ordinance for Medina.” Trans. Norman A. Stillman, 1979. The Jews of Arab Lands, 115-18.
    (3 pages)
  2. Read/Annotate for Response: Document of Protection (dhimma) Trans. N. Stillman, pp. 255-258.
    (3 pages)
  3. Read/Annotate for Response:  Text: Maimonides (d. 1204), “Epistle to the Jews of Yemen.”       Trans. Norman Stillman, pp. 233-46. 
    (13 pages)
  4. Read/Annotate for Response: Texts: divorce documents.  Trans. I. Hollander, “Ibrā’ in Highland Yemen: Two Jewish Divorce Settlements,” Islamic Law & Society 2(1)(1995):1-23.
    (23 pages)
  5. Read/Annotate for Response: Anthropology: Jewish “saints” Kosansky, Oren. Tourism, Charity, and Profit: the Movement of Money in Moroccan Jewish Pilgrimage,” Cultural Anthropology 17(3)(2002), 359-400.
    (41 pages)
  6. Due by 10/6, 10:00 PM - Write: 2 page Double Space Response with annotations on the above week 4 reading assignments
  7. 10/6 - Read/Ready for discussion: Jackson, "Professing Performance" 
  8. 10/6 - Read/Annotate for Response: Worthen, "Disciplines of the Text/Sites of Performance"
  9. 10/7 - Skim/Ready for discussion:The Book of Margery Kempe pdf
  10. 10/9 - Read/Ready for discussion: The York Cycle: Fall of the Angels, Fall of Man, Building of the Ark, The Flood, Herod and Magi, Slaughter of the Innocents, Christ before Herod through Last Judgment  
  11. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion: Beckwith, from Signifying God
  12. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion: Schechner, from "Collective Reflexivity: Restoration of Behavior" 
  13. 10/9 - Review: Medieval Theatre Handout Online  
  14. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion Julian of Norwich pdf
  15. Due by 10/10, 10:00 PM - Write: 2 page Double Space Response with annotations on week 3 readings for late sub
  16. Due: by 10/14, 5:00 PM -  Write: 1200 word discussion essay for English Conference, any topic relevant to class discussion. 
  17. By 10/14 - 5 page research outline/proposal for Arabia Imagined. 
  18. 10/20 - Read/Annotate for Editing Assignment: Shakespeare, Hamlet Q1 1603 ASSIGNMENT  Quarto and Folio versions of scene 2 
Important/get done asap!
Not completed/due date passed

Monday, September 30, 2013

*updated* Gender is changeable, Sex is not...well how about that?

So tired...
How is this only week 4? I'm suppose to hit my stride around this time right?

Ok, work list for my own sanity:

  1. 9/24 - Be off book for: August: Osage County Scene
  2. 9/28 - ReRead/Annotate/Transcribe Notes: Judith Butler, Performative Acts and Gender Constitution, ¶'s 11-24
    (5 pgs)
  3. 9/28 - ReRead/Annotate/Transcribe Notes: Aristophanes' Lysistrata
    (7 pages)
  4. 9/28 - Read/Annotate: Text: al-Misri, (d. 1367) “Pilgrimage” (sharīʿa law book chapter)  Trans. N. Keller, 1994. Reliance of the Traveler, 297-370.
    (73 pgs)
  5. 9/28 - Read/AnnotateMalcolm X (with Alex Hayley), The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Ch. 17
    (9 pgs)
  6. 9/28 - Read/AnnotateHammoudi, Abdellah. 2006. “Narrative of a pilgrimage.” Trans. P. Ghazaleh. A Season in Mecca. Chs. 5 & 6, pp. 94-141.
    (47 pgs)
  7. Due 9/29, 10:00 PM - Write: 2 page Double Space Response with annotations on the above three reading assignments
  8. Due 9/30 10:00 AM - Write: WESTERN THEATRE PAPER - 5-6 PAGES "Create a dialogue between Judith Butler's treatise on Performative Acts and Gender Constitution and Aristophanes' Lysistrata"
  9. 9/30 - Read/Annotate: The Tale of Sir Launcelot and Guinevere, pp. 403-467
    (64 pgs)
  10. 9/30 - Read/Annotate: The Death of Arthur, pp. 468-527
    (59 pgs)
  11. 9/30 - Read/Annotate: Explanatory Notes, pp. 556-565
    (9 pgs)
  12. 10/1Read/AnnotateFoley, "Medea's Divided Self"
    (24 pgs)
  13. 10/1 - Read/Annotate: Case, "Classic Drag"
    (5 pages)
  14. 10/2 - Read/Annotate: Testament of Cresseid, pp. 2-47
    (45 pgs)
Ok, maybe not so much sanity...but mental organization.
That's 141 pages to read/annotate by next Tommorow night folks...

Important/get done asap!
Not completed/due date passed

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Screen shot of the day: Trello

So, I was introduced to the very useful (and very free) Trello online listing program, by my new boss Rudy, who uses it to organize the tasks for the office. I signed up with my own account and it has been great. Y'all know of my obsequious obsession with being able to visualize what needs to be done. This program is an amazing organizational tool for anyone with multiple projects with many steps and parts to get through.  I highly recommend it!

Click to enlarge...the amazingness.
So yeah, . It's free to sign up. Enjoy.

PS. I think I will  *UPDATE* did start (yet another) Tumblr blog about the where to get the best food for under $5 in a public service.

It's called:
Clicky Clicky...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Schedule: Redux/Recoil

Ok...NO SERIOUSLY...the schedule is final.

Greek is out.
Arabia imagined is in.

Here. Enjoy an apropos Degrassi gif.
Anyone selling the Rosetta Stone Spanish 1-2? Anyone?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ok, no seriously...the schedule is finalized.
Latin's out.
Greek's in.
Yoga's out.
English Conference is in.

I'm a Libra...sue me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Big change for Fall13

Ok so,

Advanced Acting Lab is in. :D
University Writing is out. :|

Latin is in. :)
Korean is out.  :(
Hatha Yoga is in. ^_^

Ballet and Western Theatre Traditions get to stay. :D

Right? Right.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little homesick...

Yes, indeed, Virginia, one can get homesick even though they've been wanting to leave home for more than a decade.  Now that I'm out of Tampa, I miss people I know. It's been a downer, despite the wonderful level of openness and and acceptance I was greeted with from the GS crew.  The past few days have felt like weeks. So many new faces and names...oh god so many names.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

♫All the leaves are brown...Fall 13 Redux

So, as promised a bit more about my first semester at GS. For a clue about how busy I'm going to be this is what September looks like so far:

Phones been missing, correction hiding on the floors of Jules' car for two days.

Weirdness, things and reasons.
Thought...can't...won't formulate.

Got housing assignment. Block off campus, decent rent. 1 bedroom in a 4/1 apartment share. 14x10ft. Not including closet. Furnished. Ethernet and electricity included. Closest cafe is two minute walk around block. <3 .="" p="">
Apologies for apathy. Meh. Maybe.
Job hunt. Man hunt. New music hunt. Blah Blah blah.
Girls night. Moulin Rouge screening at 1920's movie house. Last shabang...
Things and reasons.
More later.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Place Cleans Up Nicely...

Here we go campers! Finally an update, I'm revamping things, retiring a few bits.  First the Associate Degreee Req. Clock! I'm done and it will henceforth live out its days here:
  • 9 hours Communications - Complete
  • 6 Hours Humanities - Complete
  • 6 Hours Mathematics - Complete
  • 9 Hours Social Sciences - Complete
  • 6-8 (7) Hours Natural Sciences- Complete
  • 24 Hours Drama/Other Electives -Complete
  • 3 Hours Honors Leadership Elective - Complete
  • 3 Hours Computer Proficiency- Complete
  • 1 Hour Capstone - Connections - 1 Credit Hour After 45 Hours Completed - Complete 
  • ---------------------------
  • 8 Honors Classes Completed (To grad with Honors Denotation - Complete
  • 1-Hon English II
  • 2-Hon Intro to Philosophy
  • 3-Hon Marine Biology w/ Lab
  • 4-Hon Leadership
  • 5-Hon Early American History
  • 6-Hon Public Speaking
  • 7-Hon Western World: Modern Europe
  • 8-Hon Selected Topics in History: Irish History and Revolutions 
The section will shortly be changed to (DA DA DA!) Bachelor's Degree Req. Clock.  :D  Now that I have all the information I finally get to make a new checklist of things to be done.

Next, the GPA clock will officially be reset to N/A as I officially have no Columbia GPA just yet. Zero is too disheartening.

Goal List is getting a makeover, so is Current Courses and What's on Deck, since I actually know what classes I'll be taking for fall.

I think that'll be it for now. Oh, and I'm gonna post some stuff about the show I've been running.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What, Mr. Todd? What, Mr. Todd? What is that sound?

Absolutely writing a ghastly bit, and typing more Britishly than ever.  I picked up a copy of The Bell Jar at Salvation Army for ¢99 and went a right perfect bender.  Esther is lovely, not particularly tragic, just longing, which I'm sure is tragic in a sense the way the kids from Dawson's Creek were tragic.

Perhaps that's what's so sad about her...there's no good reason why she doesn't want to live. She's got a lot ahead of her.  Still, I don't want to minimalize her depression; her neuroses were very real: the insomnia, the loss of appetite and motor function. She had physical symptoms of what we now know as chronic depression possibly bridging into mild psychosis. Most likely her brain's way of dealing with the immense pressure of academic expectations, the culture shock of going home to nothing, and the emotional trauma of attempted rape in the midst of her own realization of sexuality. One realizes all her lashing out at orderlys and attendants is incredibly justifed and not at all psychotic, ODing burying herself in the crawlspace in the basement...that's another story.

Still...I may be greedy. The biggest thing I took away from the book was what the hell happened to opportunity for young women? What in the blue hell are writing contests and paid month long summer internships to New York?! Does that still happen?

So now I'm reading Prince of Tides and writing profusely.

Much Much More later.