Friday, April 29, 2011

Lightning Strikes Twice for HCC Honors

At least two HCC Honor's Institute members have been accepted to Columbia this year. I can't help to think this is boding well, with a little less than a year until my transfer and just months until my application is due, this is a real boost that two women with similar educational backgrounds have achieved the same goal I have set for myself.  Congratulations to both Loren and Stephanie, I look up up to both of you immensely and hope that soon I too will be a fellow Lion.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Grades starting to trickle in...

Honors Leadership is done and graded: an "A" it is!

More coming in the next week or so.

Philosophy, based on exam grades and our group presentation, I'm forecasting an A as well.  Stage makeup is a little shaky, because in all honesty, the time and money weren't there for me to take it seriously enough, and with only half the class ever bothering to show, it was hard to care when so much more was going on.  Not entirely sure whether it's a lesson learned.  I know coming out of that class that, I know the material I'm supposed to know, both rhetorically and practically, which is more than the professor can say for good many in that class.  Then, of course, there is acting.  Everything is on track to go well, but I'm really quite hating warm-ups at the beginning of class, I find my self getting in to Maggie (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) and The Stage Manager (The Father Clock) before getting to class, and wanting to jump into scene work. Then having to come back out and do some silly animal prep or exhaustive emotional memory exercise, after which I'm entirely too spent in the opposite direction to work on my scenes.  A little more memorization is needed, especially on Father Clock, which has had yet another addition. I'm not very worried about it because now all my other two large group projects have been presented and graded.

So here's the to-do list:
-Outline for final in class essay: "Is philosophy possible in the 21st century", ≤100 words or less

-Habit reactionary ≤300 words (x2)
-Group project reactionary ≤500 words

Stage Makeup
- Short Answer Written final (in class)
-Group Portrait Practical Final (Manet's The Balcony)

-Final Performance of in Showcase for Arts Staff of "Cat" and "Father Clock" scene.
-Play Review (Going to see Eckerd Theater Company's Twelfth Night)

In other news Janelle has convinced me I need a Mac...and here's a picture I took of Columbia °ᴥ°

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I procrastinated, why does it feel like i havent wasted any time?

So, here we are in the final throwes of the Spring 2011 semester, and as luck would have it, I have quaite a few projects all happen to have due dates within the same week, namely tommorow. Here's a quick rundown of things:

  • 10 Min Powerpoint for group presentation on Hellenistics/Post-Aristotleans (4/25)
  • Outline for in-class essay final (5/9)
Stage Makeup

  • Finish Makeup Morgue (4/20)
  • Final group project ideas (4/20)
  • Memorize full Cat on a Hot Tin Roof scene for final performance (??)
  • Two reactionary papers 1500 words each, on two separate habits from Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (4/27)
  • One Confessional Paper (no length requirement) about our group service learning project (4/27)
  • 30 Min Powerpoint for group service learning project presentation (4/20)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fall Schedule Update

Fall '11
☐ - Honors Early American History (Social Sciences Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Honors Marine Biology with Lab (Natural Sciences Elective Req. - 4 Hours)
☐ - Acting II (Dramatic Arts Elective Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Performance Workshop (Dramatic Arts Elective - 3 Hours)
☐ - Arete Board Membership (pending nomination)

Fall, will by far be one of the most demanding schedules I've had, to date.  Honors Early Am. Hist and Honors Marine Biology, dominate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Dale Mabry (15 mile drive).  While Tuesday and Thursday are Ybor days for drama classes (20 mile drive).  Yay!

So on another note, I'm in need of a car that can handle such driving, as my '90 Camry is close to shuffling off it's mortal coil springs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

NEW YORK! Trip recap and summer schedule update!

Current Courses and Work and What's On Deck
Summer '11
☐- Chemistry and Society (Physical Science Req. - 3 Hours)

Fall '11
Update coming soon
 New York pics after class, including Ami's Columbia hookup!