Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting There...

I aced my first Chem test. 91%, however, the few questions I missed were due largely in part to rushing; I made a number of simple mistakes.

There is another bit of good news though, our dutiful President Kelly, has decided to make me chair of marketing of Arete, HCC Honors Institute.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not too bad...

  Not as evil as I guessed, the first two Chem quizzes came back with a 10/10 each.  The first Chem test wasn't as brutal as I expected.  33 questions and multiple choice, I wasn't too perplexed.  There was a question that through me about converting Celsius to Kelvin; I could not remember the conversion factor for the life of J.J. Thomson.
  I expect an "A" on it.  Actually, I feel really great about it.
  The labs are also going well.  I love the practical side of it, the mixing and products gained; I love to bake, so that's not that surprising.  There is something infinitely cool about combining two things and getting something new, ask any kid who is face deep in a mixing bowl of reluctant cake batter and they will tell you making stuff from other stuff is great.
  Yeah, real deep, I know. It's freezing in here. *goes to get a hot chai latte*   

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Chem Hath Hitteth the Fan...Par Deux

  Ugh!  I hate this stuff.  Convoluted rules that exist without explanation.  Bohr models and shells energy levels and nucleon numbers. The number of neutrons, deducible by an indecipherable notation system, based on the ability to perform quick subtraction. Well the dyscalculiatic redhead is frustrated and mad and disinterested.
  What the fuck was I thinking?

  Whatever, I made myself feel better and bought another book: