Thursday, October 31, 2013

I passed!

One class down, four to go.  Hey, Hey! Look over there >

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Waiting...waiting...waiting...and with a surprising lack of change...more waiting...

So we got our Western Theatre papers back this morning...
Finally some hint at academic validation, my first real paper grade at Columbia...

W.B. handed it to me...lot's of comments...oo... Why did I leave that in?  I don't remember leaving that in. Not anachronistic, achronistic... ACHRONISTIC! damn auto correct. *le sigh* "Good Connection, but... *le sigh some more*  The TA is commenting a lot, W.B. isn't...why isn't he commenting? is a Marx reference not obvious enough? How is the Locke reference not obvious enough? Everybody knows those theories. "Don't assume your reader knows anything."  But assume we do, eh? Ha. That wasn't that funny. Well...nah not that funny. Your citations are funny. Funny bad, not funny haha. Are citations ever funny haha?  Get to last page.

No grade.

Flip over. No grade. Class and Prof. long gone...
What's going on?
Where's my grade?



Dear God...
I was really tired. It was finished during an all-nighter, and every other sundry excuse ever used, by everyone, ever.

Was it that horrible? No, no-no. I mean he's not above just putting an F on a paper, right? Christ. Does he want me to rewrite? I'd love a rewrite.

*le sigh*

Emailed prof + TA. Waiting...patiently.

Oh, hey...look at that. This is my 100th post.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


So, I have started a go fund me account for help with my tuition this semester.
I'm happy to say I got my first donation! An anonymous donor chipped in $1000!
I'm kind of in shock. I can't believe it....I'm stunned.

If you want to find out why I"m asking for money or would like to donate, visit:
Oh hey, look, I'm at 13%!

or click the gofundme donate button in the upper right corner.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Worklist week of 10/7

  1. Read/Annotate for Response: Ibn Hisham (d. 833), “Muhammad’s Ordinance for Medina.” Trans. Norman A. Stillman, 1979. The Jews of Arab Lands, 115-18.
    (3 pages)
  2. Read/Annotate for Response: Document of Protection (dhimma) Trans. N. Stillman, pp. 255-258.
    (3 pages)
  3. Read/Annotate for Response:  Text: Maimonides (d. 1204), “Epistle to the Jews of Yemen.”       Trans. Norman Stillman, pp. 233-46. 
    (13 pages)
  4. Read/Annotate for Response: Texts: divorce documents.  Trans. I. Hollander, “Ibrā’ in Highland Yemen: Two Jewish Divorce Settlements,” Islamic Law & Society 2(1)(1995):1-23.
    (23 pages)
  5. Read/Annotate for Response: Anthropology: Jewish “saints” Kosansky, Oren. Tourism, Charity, and Profit: the Movement of Money in Moroccan Jewish Pilgrimage,” Cultural Anthropology 17(3)(2002), 359-400.
    (41 pages)
  6. Due by 10/6, 10:00 PM - Write: 2 page Double Space Response with annotations on the above week 4 reading assignments
  7. 10/6 - Read/Ready for discussion: Jackson, "Professing Performance" 
  8. 10/6 - Read/Annotate for Response: Worthen, "Disciplines of the Text/Sites of Performance"
  9. 10/7 - Skim/Ready for discussion:The Book of Margery Kempe pdf
  10. 10/9 - Read/Ready for discussion: The York Cycle: Fall of the Angels, Fall of Man, Building of the Ark, The Flood, Herod and Magi, Slaughter of the Innocents, Christ before Herod through Last Judgment  
  11. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion: Beckwith, from Signifying God
  12. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion: Schechner, from "Collective Reflexivity: Restoration of Behavior" 
  13. 10/9 - Review: Medieval Theatre Handout Online  
  14. 10/9 - Skim/Ready for discussion Julian of Norwich pdf
  15. Due by 10/10, 10:00 PM - Write: 2 page Double Space Response with annotations on week 3 readings for late sub
  16. Due: by 10/14, 5:00 PM -  Write: 1200 word discussion essay for English Conference, any topic relevant to class discussion. 
  17. By 10/14 - 5 page research outline/proposal for Arabia Imagined. 
  18. 10/20 - Read/Annotate for Editing Assignment: Shakespeare, Hamlet Q1 1603 ASSIGNMENT  Quarto and Folio versions of scene 2 
Important/get done asap!
Not completed/due date passed