Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Finals Update

Things below the surface seem dubious but, on the surface things couldn't be going better.

My leadership group project earned an "A" and my team evaluations a 145/150.  There are still three small papers to be graded, one of which was much shorter than the requirement of 500 words.  Admittedly, I had forgotten all about them, and so at the last minute threw it together.  In my defense, it was a reflection on the group project, and you can only write so much before it gets repetitive.  I had something to turn in, which is more than some could say.  Still a little more organization on my part, would have aided the situation.  Other than that, I'm still worried about how a number of absences from being sick in the beginning of the semester will affect everything else.  Stage Makeup, my biggest concern thus far, I have is the only grade actually posted so far: A.  My philosophy final exam went smoothly and I've been guaranteed an enthusiastic reccomendation letter by the professor.  I was really very moved and connected well to the anti- mass consumerism view of the class.   I took a lot away from it, in fact I was in angry tears by the time I had written the final lines of my final.  The convictions I took away from that class were that solid.  Oddly enough, straight from that final I went my Acting final filled with enough disgust, Tennessee Williams himself would have been proud of Maggie.  I transposed a few lines during my scene from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  This was due in part to the fact that the monologue had been cut from a longer version I learned closer to the beginning of the semester.  Once you learn a song or a lyric one way, it's quite hard to chop it up and re-memorize it, a second.  So the other lovely young lady, who performed the scene, Carmen Elia had much better memorization, but both ended up having two different flavors.

So let's look at the tot board:
Honors Philosophy:
Acting I:
Stage Makeup: A
Honors Leadership:

GPA updated: 3.500 -> 3.558

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