Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surprise, Surprise...

Spring semester scheduling is done.  It's not as bad as I was expecting, but here's to nothing getting canceled.  I need everything I registered for, though I wish I had more acting curricula. 
It's so weird to plan the endgame of something that's been in the works for five years.  I don't know if that's because I feel I've finally found a balance between a social and an academic life for the first time in my life, or because I'm completing something and that's kind of a big deal for me, or if it's because there's no good reason I should be in this position, given my academic past.'s a little of all three.

Brittany's already been accepted to University of Kansas.  It's going to be sad to watch her leave the best friend space. She's been with me the longest, since before Honors, since Torregiante was drilling us on Pavlov and Freud and the imaginary audience theory in General Psychology.

So the schedule for Spring '12, my final semester is as follows:
- Honors Western World: Modern Europe
- Honors Public Speaking
- Honors Selected Topics in History: Irish History and Reveloutions
- Stagecraft
- Script Analysis
- Capstone Connections: Cultural Connections through Film

Classes this semester have been shaky.  Marine Bio is extremely confusing because the professor is extremely confusing, skipping around from topic to topic with no real syllabus.  Early American History is going well.  First papers of the term were due Tuesday. It was finished Tuesday morning at about 1AM. The assignment was to select a previously assigned primary source and analyze it. I wrote on Hakluyt the Younger's Discourse on Western Planting:

It's not my best paper ever, but it's not bad, well cited I thought.  We'll see how grading goes on it; I'll report on that when I get it back.  Performance Workshop is going great; the entire group has meshed really well for the most part.  Our play, Suzan Lori-Parks' 365 Days/365 Plays opens November 12th on the HCC Ybor Mainstage.  I'm supposed to be off book by Thursday..."or parts will be cut."  I'm not sure if that's normal or achievable, since the script order was just finalized last Thursday.  And then, there is Intro to Dance, that sweet little class I could  care less about.  It's kind of grown on me.  My term paper's is on Korean traditional court dances or Jeongjae.  It's a topic I selected my self, because of my interest in Korean culture, so I'm quite happy I get to explore a part of it academically.  

I thinks that's about it, with the exceptions of extracurriculars, but admittedly they need their own post to update them all. Which I'll do sometime this week. So with that, I close.  Have a good evening everyone.

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