Saturday, November 12, 2011

Start Living, That's the Next Thing On My List...

Marine Bio Test Questions(ASAP)
- 1

365/365 Performance 1 - 11/12

365/365 Performance 2 - 11/13

American History Paper (Due 14th)
-Final draft submission

Marine Bio Research Paper Draft (Due 14th)
Choose 3 Monologues (ASAP)
-Comedic - Liz Lemon/30Rock
-Dramatic - Nora/ Act III-A Doll's House

Dance Research 20 min Research Paper Presentation Power Point (Present on 15th) Presented on the 21st

365/365 Performance Runthrough - 11/15

Dance 6 Questions Assignments (ASAP)
Q 1 : Summarize the lessons on Musical/Jazz Dance
Q 2 : What were the major influences of the Paris Opera within the field of ballet? What important innovations are seen in its history?
Q 3 : What were the major contributions of Russian ballet? What important influences are seen through its history?
Q 4 : Describe the impact of The Ballets Russe. Who were the major contributors? How did it influence English ballet? And who were the major figures important to the development of British ballet?
Q 5 : How did the NYC ballet begin, and what influence did Balanchine have on the field of ballet in the US?. How do other major contributors take part in the story of ballet in the USA?
Q 6: Outline the three periods of Modern Dance; Early Modern; the Modern Pioneers; Post Modern Dance. Who were the major contributors, and what did they do to contribute? Name the dances as well.
Turn it all in!

Dance Reviews (ASAP)
1 - Dusan Tynek (Notes/Need to write)
2 - ? 

365/365 Performance 3 - 11/16

365/365 Performance 4 - 11/17

365/365 Performance 5 - 11/18

Ruth Eckerd Hall Shift 12p-330p - 11/19

365/365 Performance 6 w/strike - 6pm call  - 11/19 

Ruth Eckerd Hall Shift - 530-730p

Graduation Workups - 11/21 

Marine Bio Chapter Article 15-20 presentation Power Point (Present on 23rd)
-Pick and Read Article

Marine Bio Research Paper Hard and E-copy (Nov 28)

Jack Kent Cooke Essays (Due by 28)
- 500 word limit - Narrative Autobiography
- 300 word limit - Identify one event from the 20th century that is relevant to today’s challenges.  Apply a lesson from that event to a current challenge,.
- 300 word limit -  How different a person would you be if you had been born 50 years earlier?

Memorize Liz Lemon/30Rock and Nora/Dolls House Monologues (Nov 29)

Monologue Written Analyses

Marine Bio Seminar Attendance "Conservation Biomechanics of Sand Tiger Sharks (Nov 29th)
Marine Bio Volunteer Event Attendance - Invasive Plant Removal @ S. Gandy Park (Dec 3)

Transfer Application Essays (before Dec 1st *Did not have them done in time for Dr. Lyons' review, but I did get the rest of my applications and my reccomendation requests in.)

-Columbia GS
Autobiographical Essay (1,500 – 2,000 words)
-Common App
  • Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below. (Short Essay/Long paragraph
  • Personal Essay 
    • Please provide a statement of 250 – 500 words that 
      •  addresses your reasons for transferring 
      •  the objectives you hope to achieve 
 -Barnard Supplementals (Short Answers, 4 lines ea)  
    • What factors have influenced your decision to apply to Barnard College? 
      • 1. What intrigues you about Barnard’s approach to the liberal arts and sciences? 
      • 2. Transfer student and alumna Margaret Mead ’23 said, “If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” 
        •  How would you add to the fabric of Barnard’s community? 
      • 3. If you could work for any organization or company which would you select and why? 
      • 4. If you could plan and lead a semester-long college seminar what academic topic would you choose and why?
    -NYU Supplementals (1500 characters or less per answer) 
    • Why NYU? 
    •  Regardless of whether or not you have an intended major or concentration, please 
      • a.      Elaborate on your academic area of interest. 
      • b.      How do you wish to explore that area at NYU's New York Campus? 
      • c.      Please share any activities or experiences you have had that have cultivated your intellectual interests. Specify how they lead you to choose to study at the NYU New York. 
      • d.      What intrigues you? 
        • Tell us about one work of art, scientific achievement, piece of literature, method of communication, or place in the world (a film, book, performance, website, event, location, etc.) 
        • Explain its significance to you.
    Early American History Take Home Final (due 12/5!)
    Three two page responses to choice of 6 questions.

    Marine Bio Take Home Final (

    Updated 12/2/11 

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