Sunday, January 26, 2014


So I made three resolutions after putting some thought into what was truly lacking from self-improvement the past year.  First, I feel like I've been in the greatest city in the world for 5 months, and have seen next to none of it. So,

Resolution #1: Have one adventure day a month. Do this as cheaply as possible. Record and reflect.

I also felt like I wasn't getting to know my new city and that I could do so by giving back. So,

Resolution #2: Have a day of service every month in which I find a volunteer opportunity to engage in in the city. Record and reflect.

Finally, I felt like I was severely underread in the drama department in all periods so,

Resolution #3: Read/see one new play a week
Oh, hey look at that list up over there in the top left...

So that's it...
Self betterment? Maybe. Meet new people. Most definitely. Make new friends. Very possibly. I'm looking forward to this.

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