Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Moon is Big in the White Harlem Sky

They refer to us as apathetic....the worst generation. In reality, we are disillusioned - as disillusioned as they once were, but with the ability to fight ripped from our hands.

I didn't forget, I'm not ignorant of what this all means, I'm just not happy with any of the players in the bloodsport they refer to as American Politics.  What a fucking art form. The highest and most respected one in the land, certainly the best funded.

You want to send a message, create? Fine crawl through the mud, become a professional beggar for favor. Shakespeare did it. Bernini too...although he made sure to not let anyone remember his dissidence by writing anything down, lest the wrong patron be pissed off.

I can't revolt.

I can't fight.

Doing so would make me wrong and cheat me out of my own progress. You too.

Someone will be along to pick up the tab, shortly.

So we wait. We wait for the change the fear mongers and political spelunkers assure us is coming. Wait for relevance. Too much like the string quartet on a sinking ship, even the rats have abandoned.

We've lost. We've lost and worse, we aren't even sure what game we are playing.

Reverberation is nauseating.

I can't revolt.

I can't fight.

It would make me one of 'those people.'

Revolution is a precious commodity now.  How much for that Che Guevara shirt, those ripped jeans?

800,000,000 easy payments of $56, 000 should do the trick. Maybe.

Shut up you stupid cog. Here have a grant, a scholarship, a free gift with purchase, 10% off your next purchase of $17 trillion or more.  Yours now if you get the most retweets, the most clicks.

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