Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hitting an insomniatic stride...

The days are starting to slip together.  Sunday to Wednesday seem to be made of seconds.  All the time I answer my own question of intent, somewhat quixotically.  All the time my mind is parsed with the trivialities of comma usage, proper insertion of new PowerPoint slides, the plight of Afghan women, the purpose of Access2007, and the reasoning behind the supposition that Connie is reflection of the fly symbol in that one short story

Did I do my study sheet?

I'll have to grab it in the morning and also read "A Good Man Is Hard To Find."  I'm brinking exhaustion, like a mentally overweight person attempting a marathon.  More than one time, the frank question of "What the hell am I doing this for?", has crossed my mind.  Was that comma after the quotation mark correct?  Then I just look at this:
Some how, I find another ounce of strength.
For Columbia,
For New York,
For me...

Spring schedule advising appointment assigned for the 29th, 2PM.  Here's to the luck of the draw and to wish lists.
1) MeadBuilder Research Paper Edition
2) Boots (TBD)
3) Brush Cleaner
4) Box spring, Queen size
5) More Sleep
6) This Hoodie:

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