Tuesday, November 9, 2010

**Live Updating** My First Research Paper!

12:16AM - After sub-consciously and, later, consciously procrastinating to no end...I now have 12 hours to write a rough draft of my A Thousand Splendid Suns research paper.  Professor Linsky essentially wants to see that we have something down, a few paragraphs to show we're, individually, on the right track.  So, while I, in truth, have nothing written, I feel pretty confident I'll be able to crank out something acceptable.

2:23 - Still nothing... and pressure in my chest is building.  Opening a Rockstar Recovery.

2:29 - Two sentences...aha progress.

3:07 - Introduction is showing promise but it's also proving to be a tangle of citations.

3:44  - In full swing now. Rockstar helped. Assimilating note cards to the outline. Got the blinders on. :D

4:04 - Still keepin on keepin on as my pops would say. :) Psych terms and historical background basically covered. Honestly I'm getting sick of looking at the damn cards.  We have computers and flash drive, why the hell the need for note cards, let alone fifty of them? Listening to "Espiritu Adolescente (Smells Like Teen Spirit Tango)" - Mandragora Tango Orchestra...bathroom break, rides gonna be here in an hour and a half...wtf am I doing this for?

4:15 - Kinda threw up a bit, always pleasant.  Ian got up to tell me the alarm went off.  I feel dingy.  Listening to "Start the Fire" - No Doubt.  The pseudo outline workup format is nice. Auto-save settings changed to every five minutes. No Doubt finished, now it's "Only Girl" - Rhianna.

5:01 - Time seems to have hyper-slowed, as if it knows I'm needing all the help I can get. A watched pot my mother would say; I've looked at the clock more often in the past hour than I'm comfortable admitting.  It works out to about twice every five minutes.  My back is killing me from being in this chair for hours.  Copying in the CDC Report notecards into the outline-paper hybrid thingie. In less that half an hour Wes will be here, I should think about getting ready and packing this up...
There it is, there's my magical ellipsis.

6:37 - Ooops.
Dozing off in the honors lounge...thanks for the ride over Wes. :D

7:06 - Suns up, very cold in the honors lounge...half hour til the convenience store opens for breakfast.  Very hungry. Very...is it 2:30 yet?

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