Friday, December 17, 2010

Fall 2010: Survived

So it's all over.  I managed to survive the semester that seemed to get to everyone.

My Honors English II professor said I was a lot of fun, and she would like me to stay in touch, especially when it comes to a recommendation and common app essays.  I edged out a "B".  Of course, I believe I could have done better. I had quite a few distractions, especially around Howl-o-Scream /October.  There were times I was just exhausted and it showed; I'm not entirely sure I ever rallied back, considering I turned in the wrong version of my research paper.  Lesson learned: Procrastination isn't worth it.  Leave time to proofread, make your personal deadline two days before the professor's.

Click here to read my research paper, "A Thousand Weary Daughters"

Just received my Computer Proficiency grade as well: "A", despite the Access portion of my final project not uploading correctly and missing 100 points because of it.

Degree Req Clock Update:
Communications - 3 Credit Hour
Humanities - 6 Credit Hours
Mathematics - Complete
Social Sciences - 6 Credit Hours
Natural Sciences - 7 Credit Hours
Drama Electives - 21 Credit Hours
Honors Leadership Elective - 3 Credit Hours
Computer Proficiency - Complete

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