Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Meeting!

Back on the 14th, I had the opportunity to meet, greet, and chat up a real live admissions rep from C:GS. 
Matthew Rotstein, Director of Admissions for GS, paid a visit to the HCC Honors Institute in an information session set up by Dr. Lyons.  He covered a lot of important questions I had about the Columbia Core, what credit would transfer, and what I should take while finishing up my AA.  I also managed to get my hands on a paper app:
Matt was even nice enough to recommend some tips about sitting in on a class!  Along with the email I received from Admin. Assistant Cathy Li, I am feeling really hyped for the New York visit in just over a month.

In other study news, I've taken learning Korean with the help of good friend Brittany!  I've done fairly well considering the small amount of time I have to devote to it.  I can already write my name ( 애미 ), and sound out/read most sentences as I read them, even though I lack the vocab for comprehension just yet.  As it turns out the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is extremely similar in phonetics and structure to the English one.  It also only has 26 majorly used letters, which compared to other East-Asian languages makes it a cake walk.  I'm really quite excited about continuing on with it, as I have never picked up the basics of a language so quickly before. 
Well that's it for now, I suppose. See you later!  나중에 봬요!


  1. Your name in Korean is 에이미 (eimi) in Korea. While Aemi works sound wise Korea uses 에이미 when referring to celebrities named Ami. It sounds like Ami too :)

  2. That's uber cool. =)

    I love when plans come together and I have no doubt you'll get far with yours. Now.. Throw some of that mojo my way..I need all the help I can get. hehe