Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fall Schedule Update

Fall '11
☐ - Honors Early American History (Social Sciences Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Honors Marine Biology with Lab (Natural Sciences Elective Req. - 4 Hours)
☐ - Acting II (Dramatic Arts Elective Req. - 3 Hours)
☐ - Performance Workshop (Dramatic Arts Elective - 3 Hours)
☐ - Arete Board Membership (pending nomination)

Fall, will by far be one of the most demanding schedules I've had, to date.  Honors Early Am. Hist and Honors Marine Biology, dominate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Dale Mabry (15 mile drive).  While Tuesday and Thursday are Ybor days for drama classes (20 mile drive).  Yay!

So on another note, I'm in need of a car that can handle such driving, as my '90 Camry is close to shuffling off it's mortal coil springs.

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  1. I have to schedule everything around when dad goes to work, so Terri needs to get a car too. lol