Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not too bad...

  Not as evil as I guessed, the first two Chem quizzes came back with a 10/10 each.  The first Chem test wasn't as brutal as I expected.  33 questions and multiple choice, I wasn't too perplexed.  There was a question that through me about converting Celsius to Kelvin; I could not remember the conversion factor for the life of J.J. Thomson.
  I expect an "A" on it.  Actually, I feel really great about it.
  The labs are also going well.  I love the practical side of it, the mixing and products gained; I love to bake, so that's not that surprising.  There is something infinitely cool about combining two things and getting something new, ask any kid who is face deep in a mixing bowl of reluctant cake batter and they will tell you making stuff from other stuff is great.
  Yeah, real deep, I know. It's freezing in here. *goes to get a hot chai latte*   

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