Monday, May 7, 2012

Extreme Dilemmas

  So, I'm now struck with an extreme dilemma.   Here I am in the midst of Storybook invitations and Final grades which are about as stellar as you would expect, with all the extracurricular stuff I had going on.  I'm hedging bets and emailing professors.  One about a specific grade on a paper I believe I should have gotten an A on...had I actually understood the topic.  The other two are entire class grades.  One I am 9 points off an A, out of 530pts officially, and the second will be something mathematically close to 17 out of 1000pts off an A, which hasn't been posted yet.  In both instances, I feel I have an A's worth of understanding and with all the extra stuff I had going on an A's worth impressive short scheduled writing feats.

  I wrestled with deciding if I should approach both professors and when I saw the B post for the 9/530 class I plucked up the courage to actually write the professor, something I find myself too exhausted to do with the 17/1000 professor.

  The second thing I'm wrestling with is the deferment. On one hand going this fall equates to going with no money, no connections, exhausted and jumping into toughest work load ever with "new pond" syndrome.  It also means getting on with life/Getting to work on my bachelors, staying on my game academically.  Staying presents a slew of pros like being able to volunteer for the presidential campaign, save up money, learn to take care of my body after years of taking care of my brain/get fit, ability to strengthen connections, get back in to regional acting work, but it would probably mean putting off the bachelors by another year, and working at a non-theatre day job.  I think these are all valid reasons, but I also feel my judgement is clouded. It's been nearly three weeks since I got my decision, and while a huge part of me wants Columbia right now, pragmatically I'm so not convinced it's the right thing to do right now.

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