Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Place Cleans Up Nicely...

Here we go campers! Finally an update, I'm revamping things, retiring a few bits.  First the Associate Degreee Req. Clock! I'm done and it will henceforth live out its days here:
  • 9 hours Communications - Complete
  • 6 Hours Humanities - Complete
  • 6 Hours Mathematics - Complete
  • 9 Hours Social Sciences - Complete
  • 6-8 (7) Hours Natural Sciences- Complete
  • 24 Hours Drama/Other Electives -Complete
  • 3 Hours Honors Leadership Elective - Complete
  • 3 Hours Computer Proficiency- Complete
  • 1 Hour Capstone - Connections - 1 Credit Hour After 45 Hours Completed - Complete 
  • ---------------------------
  • 8 Honors Classes Completed (To grad with Honors Denotation - Complete
  • 1-Hon English II
  • 2-Hon Intro to Philosophy
  • 3-Hon Marine Biology w/ Lab
  • 4-Hon Leadership
  • 5-Hon Early American History
  • 6-Hon Public Speaking
  • 7-Hon Western World: Modern Europe
  • 8-Hon Selected Topics in History: Irish History and Revolutions 
The section will shortly be changed to (DA DA DA!) Bachelor's Degree Req. Clock.  :D  Now that I have all the information I finally get to make a new checklist of things to be done.

Next, the GPA clock will officially be reset to N/A as I officially have no Columbia GPA just yet. Zero is too disheartening.

Goal List is getting a makeover, so is Current Courses and What's on Deck, since I actually know what classes I'll be taking for fall.

I think that'll be it for now. Oh, and I'm gonna post some stuff about the show I've been running.

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