Tuesday, July 2, 2013

♫All the leaves are brown...Fall 13 Redux

So, as promised a bit more about my first semester at GS. For a clue about how busy I'm going to be this is what September looks like so far:

Phones been missing, correction hiding on the floors of Jules' car for two days.

Weirdness, things and reasons.
Thought...can't...won't formulate.

Got housing assignment. Block off campus, decent rent. 1 bedroom in a 4/1 apartment share. 14x10ft. Not including closet. Furnished. Ethernet and electricity included. Closest cafe is two minute walk around block. <3 .="" p="">
Apologies for apathy. Meh. Maybe.
Job hunt. Man hunt. New music hunt. Blah Blah blah.
Girls night. Moulin Rouge screening at 1920's movie house. Last shabang...
Things and reasons.
More later.

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