Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Update...

That was quick...
So, as I mentioned, I'm taking Intro to Psychology and College English I. this summer. My professors are great. In fact I've already registered to take E2 with the same professor next semester. I only feel as if it's a bit easy...we're mostly doing all five paragraph essays. After this semester my GPA will qualify with honors institute and you can bet I will take full advantage of the harder classes to prove myself.

Anyway, as for my grade in those two classes: fairly well. With only 3 weeks left, I'm acing Intro to Psych. I only have to get a 30/50 on the next test to be guaranteed it mathematically. My average for the first two test already taken has been 47.5. My paper for it went really well. If you want to call it a paper. The assignment was a summation of book and research article material on any psychological topic of choice. The catch being you could only pick one article. I chose music's effect on autobiographical memory recall in Alzheimer's patients and a correlating article by Irish ET AL, 2006. I outlined and fleshed out and ended up with a rough draft of five pages, while the requirement called for only 2-3. I pared it down, leaving out methodology points and the like, to four pages and received 100/100.

Eng I is going fairly well too, as I'm on course to finish with at least a strong B. I'm a bit miffed at this, I really could have put a bit more effort into the four grammar quizzes I averaged 84.6 on. The 4 major papers (all five paragraph lazy bits), I've done well on, garnering a 76, 94, and 98. Being an online class, theres also a timed writing assignment and disscussion participation grade, which of course is still in progress. I feel good about it though, over all and want to get to a bit more meaty writing.

That's all for now loves.

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