Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You've Come A Long Way Baby...

I graduated from high school with the minimum 2.0 GPA required.

Upon entering college I took a full course load while working full time and ended up failing two classes, withdrawing one and passing the fourth with a B. My college GPA after one semester was 1.0.

I lost my financial aid and left college for a year and a semester to work full time in a lucrative casino customer service gig. While there a coworker urged me to get back and finish at least my associates degree. So I returned in the summer of 2008, and paid for a single remedial math class, required by placement testing. I aced it, and the subsequent, requisite College Algebra. My last single class and last math req: Pre-Calculus Algebra, I earned a "C" (Spring 2009). This brought my GPA to a cumulative 2.6. That February I was laid off from that casino job and the money I had been paying out of pocket, dried up. I remained jobless and thus school-less, until spring of 2010 when I finally qualified for finacial aid again.

I registered for a General Psychology and English Comp I, retakes of that ill fated '06 first semester, to take advantage of my community college's grade forgiveness policy.

I'm happy to say that as the Summer 2010 semester comes to a close, I'm projecting "A's" for both classes. So my GPA is effectively 3.5 unweighted.

I now qualify and will be applying for HCC's Honors program.

Who'd had ever guessed that I'd go from graduating high school with a rounded up 2.0 to a solid 3.5 in college.

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