Monday, April 9, 2012

My stats...

I love reading these.  Lol.  Especially, the audience tab.
So, I thought I'd take time to say "Hi!" to everyone.

Russia is my second biggest readership: Привет мой 170 русских читателей! Спасибо!
Third is Germany: Hallo, meine deutschen Leser! Vielen Dank!
Iran is 4th. Y'all gonna make me work for this. *google search*: سلام به خوانندگان ایرانی  ! تشکر از شما!
#5 is a tie between Spain and the Ukraine! Hola a mis lectores en España! ¡Gracias! / Привіт мій Іспанії читачі! Спасибо!
#6 is The Philippines: Kumusta sa aking mga na filipino mga mambabasa! Salamat sa iyo!
#7 is the UK!  What up mates! Thank you!
#8 Argentina: Hola a mis lectores argentinos! ¡Gracias!
#9 The Netherlands!: Hallo aan mijn Nederlandse lezers! Dank je wel!

...and that's my top 10 readerships!  Thanks for making cctoivyleague an international blog!   

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