Monday, April 23, 2012

t-2 weeks and counting...

  1. 4/4/12 - Stagecraft Quiz 4
    Covers: Lighting design paper work, Scene shop hand tools, Scene shop hand and portable power, tools, Scene shop stationary power tools, Scenic materials, Fasteners and adhesives
    Grade: A
  2. 4/5/12 - Public Speaking Major Speech 2
    Persuasive speech
    6 min; Speech portfolio: Purpose/thesis development, audience Connections, Works cited, Formal outline, Note cards
    Grade: A
  3. 4/9/12 - Connections Essay 1
    Choose a decade in American history and view any film, which, in your view, epitomizes or represents that decade.  In essay form, answer some or all of the following questions. How does this film define the decade? (Consider all aspects of “mise-en-scene” if you wish.)  OR B)View a film that addresses a historical event in America. Briefly research that event and compare and contrast the historical facts with the film’s interpretation. 
    2-3 pages, 12pt double-spaced
    Grade: 98/100
  4. 4/9/12  - Connections Essay 2
    Write a synopsis (1-2 pages max) of an idea for a film that addresses a cultural or historical issue. In this paper, identify (a) the theme, (b) major characters, (c) setting, and (d) plot including the background, rising action, climax, falling action/denouement. Balance telling your story succinctly with including enough detail for me to understand your concept.
    Grade: 38/40
  5. 4/9/12 - Connections Essay 2
    Self-reflection - Think about all your general education courses. Discuss how one in particular has prepared you for subsequent academic courses and/or for your future career. Identify specific knowledge, skills, and abilities you gained, which will insure your future success.
    1-2 pages max, 12pt , double-spaced
    Grade: 48/50
  6. Connections Discussion Participation
    Grade: 10/10
  7. 4/10/12 - Irish History Paper 2
    Custom topic: Comparing and Contrasting the Famine Era Irish Traveling Accounts of Alexis de Tocqueville and Gustave de Beaumont from Peter Gray's The Irish Famine
    5-7 pages (10 max, excluding works cited), 12pt, double-spaced
    Grade: B+

  8. RTBP Marketing Blitz
    Laser cartridge busted...printing delayed!
  9. 4/16/12 - Voice/Movement Play Review
    Two pages, double spaced
  10. 4/17/12 - Reasons to be Pretty
    5-8 Rehearsal Assistance?
  11. 4/18/12 - Reasons to be Pretty
    Rehearsal Assistance?
  12. 4/19 - Public Speaking Group Symposium Presentation
    9 min part in 45 min speech
    supposedly conclusion...more to come
  13. 4/19/12 - Reasons to be Pretty
    Rehearsal Assistance
  14. 4/20/12 - District Student Activities Funding Meeting
    9AM, Ybor, District wants to cut all Extracurricular Performing/Visual Arts funding from Ybor Campus
  15. 4/21/12 - RTBP Load-in

  16. 4/22/12 - RTBP Lighting/Focusing
    Ahead of schedule!
  17. 4/24/12 - RTBP Tech Rehearsal
    *Everything running very smoothly...just a couple of rough spots in memorization, but sound and staging running very well!*
  18. 4/25/12  RTBP Tech Rehearsal
  19. 4/25/12 - Jeopardy College Championship Online Test
    9PM EST
  20. 4/26/12 - Irish History Final
    Take home final due
    3, 2-page responses to given topics, 12pt double-spaced
  21. 4/26/12 - RTBP Final Dress Rehearsal
  22. 4/27/12 - RTBP  Performance
    6:30 Crew Call
  23. 4/28/12 - RTBP  Performance
    6:30 Crew Call

  24. 4/29/12 - RTBP Performance/Strike
    1:30 Crew Call 
  25. 4/30/12 - Stagecraft Quiz 5
    Covers: Curtains and stage drapes, two-dimensional scenery, flat construction, Hardware/joints/knots, Dimensional scenery: platforms and wagons, Scenery: Windows and doors, Scenery: Stairs
  26. 4/30/12 - Stagecraft Paper
    1 - 2 page / 500 word (typed) paper discussing the Lighting and Scenic design for Betty's Summer Vacation.
  27. 4/30/12  - Mod European History Final
    Take home essay based on info Covering Chaps 19:Empire Modernity and the Road to War-24:The New Globalism
    Assigned or due on the 30th?
  28. 5/4/12 - Commencement
    2PM, 1:00 check-in

  29. 5/7/12 - Stagecraft Final
    Semester Cumulative
  30.  5/7/12 - Voice and Movement Final
    Memorized Performance final - "Comings and Goings" Excerpts
  31. 5/8/12 - Honors EOY Social!
    Western Mystery Dinner Theater

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