Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally done....Grades are coming in...

Fa'11 semester has come to an end after four months of what seemed to be the hairiest semester yet, for everyone.

Here's the run-down. It's gone about as well I suspected.
Early American History: B
Marine Bio: A
Marine Bio Lab: A
Performance Workshop: A
Intro to Dance: A

Current GPA (without dance grade): 3.712 (+ .018)

On another note, I submitted my resignation from the Marketing Chair post in Arete this morning. I figure I can still be involved in Honors activities and perhaps volunteer in the office a couple days a week. Letting go of it, will give me the opportunity to put real focus into YTC, and breathe some life into our fledgling group, the way I wanted to, with out over extending myself like I did this semester and not really achieving level best in any one thing.

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