Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jack Kent Cooke Nomination

Hi, Ami,
You have been nominated for the Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship. Although it is one of the most competitive undergraduate transfer scholarships out there, you have an outstanding application. Thanks for the opportunity to read about all that you do and I hope you continue your journey in developing into a service leader.

Take care and all the best.
Cheers, M. Odu [Directing Professor].
A day after getting this, I still feel a bit like I'm in a dream. Is this really happening? I actually had to submit my high school transcripts for this. I got about nine sealed copies and one open so I could scan and submit them to JKCF.  I looked over the graduation report and the most intense sense of surrealism came over me.  
Everything I put forth of myself two and half years ago, and put a plan into action to get, is coming to fruition.  I was not raised with a large emphasis on how to set goals and achieve them, so this on going process is a very heartening journey.  

An old dog, learning new tricks,

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