Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Start Living, That's the Next Thing On My List... Par Trois

Dance 6 Questions Assignments (ASAP)
Q 1 : Summarize the lessons on Musical/Jazz Dance
Q 2 : What were the major influences of the Paris Opera within the field of ballet? What important innovations are seen in its history?
Q 3 : What were the major contributions of Russian ballet? What important influences are seen through its history?
Q 4 : Describe the impact of The Ballets Russe. Who were the major contributors? How did it influence English ballet? And who were the major figures important to the development of British ballet?
Q 5 : How did the NYC ballet begin, and what influence did Balanchine have on the field of ballet in the US?. How do other major contributors take part in the story of ballet in the USA?
Q 6: Outline the three periods of Modern Dance; Early Modern; the Modern Pioneers; Post Modern Dance. Who were the major contributors, and what did they do to contribute? Name the dances as well.
Turn it all in!

Dance Reviews (ASAP)
1 - Dusan Tynek - Middlegame
2 - REVISION Dance Collaborative - Exploring the Perfect World

Performance Workshop Monologue Written Analyses (11/29)
Play Review (12/12)

Marine Bio Take Home Final (due 12/12)

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